Code : Necklace108

Bridal 1 earing

Code: earing 144
natural water pearl
glass pearl
Artistic wire



second creation on year 2011 (Necklace for display in my room)

My second creation on 2011

I done this without any design in my mind,

And less of idea recently~

result come out, is not bad~

this is not for sale, but you can order to me .

I can do one for u.

So now i put it on my display rack.

First creation on year 2011 (Necklace order by Eefee)

Order by my dear friend


My 1st creation on 2011, after my long break.

break not mean rest at all.

January - travelling at oversea
to see where I go.

February - Busy for chinese new year and short trip.
And my fulltime job.

March - Very very busy on my fulltime job too.

I m so sorry to Eefee, that she was order this on january.
Until now I just can finish it.

Hope she will like this.

How abt you all?


Pussycat away notice

Pussycat away frm 9/1/2011 - 19/1/2011.

Please drop me an email @ jennysimyj@hotmail.com for order and question.

I will reply you soon. ^ _*